Myths and facts about steroids use

All human beings who are linked to physical training have been found with the desire to develop more of their muscles more quickly and effectively. Part of this trend has been overcrowded by the media and social networks, where men are disseminated daily with great physical attributes.

It is here where myths and realities about steroid use begin, the use of these complements for muscular development has left alarming antecedents, but in many cases, it is only the lack of information responsible for attacking the image of steroids and Its use.

One of the most famous cases and that more affection the image of the complements for the muscular development occurred in the year 2012, when the cyclist Lance Armstrong was subjected to tests to check the use of steroids being found guilty, after that, it was Stripped of all the titles he got on the Tour de France.

Stay with us and take note of the myths and realities about steroid use so that you have firsthand information and do not fall into speculation.

Myth Number 1: Steroids Affect physical resistance

In fact, this is a myth, because steroids increase physical resistance, this is because when ingested there is a higher count of red cells in the blood. We must remember that red blood cells are one of the most important physiological components for athletes, especially for athletes of high competition, this is because they are responsible for transporting and distributing oxygen to tissues of the body, including the muscles. Unfortunately, doping through blood is illegal.

Myth Number 2: Women change female traits by male traits

This is true, the use of steroids by women ends up changing their traits by male traits, especially if these women are bodybuilders. It is worth noting that when steroid use is controlled by a professional there are no drastic changes in female traits, this is because, in these cases, women can choose the type of steroids they use. Another thing that is a reality is that women are more likely to suffer side effects, such is the case of clitoral growth, thickening of the voice and growth of villi in unwanted places. All of these effects are completely reversible once the steroid cycle is over.

Myth Number 3: Steroids develop the fastest muscle

Many athletes are sure that besides the controlled consumption of steroids is needed in addition to a workout routine and an intense diet regimen. This is the only way to take advantage of all the benefits of steroids.

Once clarified this we can say that steroids are not magical, and that only consume them does not develop the muscle faster. Muscle development Specialists recommend that in addition to using steroids, the high-performing person or athlete needs a healthy diet and 8 hours of sleep.

Myth Number 4: Steroids damage the liver

High-performance athletes who inject steroids are less physically affected than those who consume them orally. When using steroids orally, it is the liver that processes the entire dose that causes high levels of toxicity. Fortunately, this does not happen when steroids are injected.

Myth Number 5: steroids Reduce penis size

This is totally false, which if you shrink while you are consuming steroids are the testicles. This is considered a normal effect in those athletes who consume anabolic steroids. Fortunately, everything is reversible when the cycle of steroid consumption culminates.

Myth Number 6: Steroids cause depression

This is one of the myths that has cost more to disprove, and it is the misinformation that has been the ground. It is a reality that all cases of athletes who have fallen into depression have been caused by non-steroids, it has even been shown that many of the athletes who have suffered depression have had previous mental imbalances. Contrary to myth, steroid consumption increases testosterone levels, which increases positive moods by lowering stress.

Myth number 7: Steroid consumption affects growth

Some athletes claim that the use of anabolic steroids in adolescent athletes results in premature closure of growth plates. There is currently no scientific research that can prove this statement. There are many bodybuilding champions who have claimed to have consumed steroids since very young, without affecting their growth.

Myth number 8: Consuming steroids increases the risk of prostate cancer

Statistics have shown that male athletes with very high testosterone levels are not at risk for prostate cancer compared to male athletes with low testosterone levels. Oncology studies ensure that prostate cancer is a genetic predisposition.

Myth Number 9: Steroids cause baldness

This is another myth, because baldness is associated with a genetic predisposition. What is true is that high testosterone levels do not cause baldness, but if they could accelerate the process.

Myth Number 10: Steroids become aggressive to the athlete

It is a proven fact that steroids only amplify the personality traits that the athlete has. It is worth noting that the only studies on steroids that have been conducted have been in rats. There are athletes who consume coffee, and this is considered one of the stimulants that elevates the levels of aggression.